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Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL) promotes local food knowledge, production and market opportunities for farmers and community members throughout our region.

Roast Chicken 101

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Roast Chicken 101

Steve Peters


Working with a whole chicken can be daunting. But fear not! Here's a step by step guide to roasting and carving the whole bird and these are my favorite advantages of using a whole chicken, rather than buying all separate parts:

  • Great flavor. I find that I end up with the best tasting chicken when I roast it whole. Breasts alone so often turn out tough and bland. Thighs are a nice, economic alternative, but not everyone likes dark meat.
  • Plenty to choose from. It's easy to please a crowd for dinner when they can pick exactly the cut of meat they prefer.
  • Multiple uses. First I roast the chicken and serve. Leftovers get turned into soup, chicken pot pie or another dish. The remains I turn into stock. When I buy a local bird I'm sure to maximize my purchase, knowing that I'm getting a high quality bird that is antibiotic and GMO free.

 I used a four pound bird from Plew Farm located in Mount Holly. When I've prepared this chicken at demos, everyone agreed that it was one tasty bird. Guess what? These same steps can be applied when it comes to roasting a turkey! Check out our Locally Grown Guide for more poultry resources.