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Rutland, VT, 05701
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Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL) promotes local food knowledge, production and market opportunities for farmers and community members throughout our region.

Exciting New Producers on Farm Fresh Connect

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Exciting New Producers on Farm Fresh Connect

Amanda Landry

In the past couple weeks, two new local producers have joined Farm Fresh Connect as vendors. McKenna Hayes, our Farm Fresh Connect Manager has been trying to diversify the online local food market with an assortment of products to offer customers year round.  She identifies gaps in the our online food market and tries to recruit producers in Rutland and Bennington Counties who have products that will fill those gaps.  Filling these food gaps ultimately increases access to fresh, local products for customers as well as provides a year round market for producers in which they receive fair prices for their products.  

Larson Farm and Brown Boar Farm have two things in common; they are both located in Wells, VT and they both host our annual signature fundraising event, Twilight in the Meadow.  Larson Farm was the host in September last year and Brown Boar Farm will host Twilight in the Meadow on June 24, 2017.  Larson Farm is selling 100% grass fed pasteurized, non-homogenized ‘cream-top’ Grade A whole cow milk, yogurt, and maple yogurt. Brown Boar Farm sells  avariety of Tam/Berk cross pork cuts.  Their pigs live outdoors in pasture and forest where they are free to roam and forage.  They plant the pasture with winter rye, turnips, red clover, sunflowers and pumpkins, which the pigs love to dig up and turn over. They also supplement with a 100% non-GMO organic grain that is mixed just for their farm. When available they glean products from local organic farms, such as apples or sweet potatoes. 

An Introduction to Larson Farm in Wells, VT.

Larson Farm has been a family operation since 1977. Richard, Cynthia and Mercy Larson now care for a small herd of 100% Grass-Fed Jersey dairy cows. Caring for our sweet cows is our family's number one priority. The herd is pastured on the lush green hills of Vermont from May to November, and eats quality organic hay in our cozy barn during the winter. We feed no grain, no GMOs and do not treat them with any hormones or antibiotics. Our vision over the years has been to provide nutritious, natural and delicious foods for our family, friends and neighbors. To this end, we concentrate on animal health, clean facilities, and humane, sustainable farming. We have recently built a new creamery in order to offer our products in local stores. Visitors to the farmstead are also welcome! Please call ahead. 

An Introduction to Brown Boar Farm

Brown Boar Farm was found in 2007 by owner Peter Burrows who was transitioning out of the corporate world when he decided to purchase property on Lamb Hill Road in Wells.  Looking for a more meaningful occupation and with the intent to keep the family close, Brown Boar Farm was founded.  The two sisters in the family also became involved in the business- Sarah helping out with day to day operations at the farm after her move to Vermont and Meaghan working as an assistant to Peter and sales manager in Massachusetts.

Throughout our growth and various transitions one thing has never changed – our complete commitment to sustainability, conservation, and humane treatment of livestock.  We currently raise six breeds of heritage pigs – Tamworth, Berkshire, Large Black, Gloucestershire Old Spot, Red Wattle and Hereford.  Our pigs grow up in forest and pasture with freedom to roam and forage. We supplement their diet by planting clover, turnips, pumpkins, rye and sunflowers in the pastures, which they happily root up and devour. Because they can’t attain all the necessary nutrients from foraging, we also supplement with an organic Non-GMO grain, which is mixed specifically for our farm.  Our pigs are never treated with non-therapeutic antibiotics and are never kept in confinement.

The best part of the Brown Boar story is that 10 years later we are still working together as a family, doing something we love every day while providing healthy, delicious food to people who care. We hope that you will enjoy trying our products!

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