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Rutland, VT, 05701
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Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL) promotes local food knowledge, production and market opportunities for farmers and community members throughout our region.

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“Making Tools for Growers” Workshop : May 20–25

Kristin Smith

VSAC grant funding available for eligible Vermont residents applying by April 30th. Growing food and sharing the harvest with neighbors and friends is a significant aspect of our rural DIY culture and a foundation of resilient communities. Do you yearn to go the next step with your food production—fashioning trellises, water-harvesting systems, or sub-irrigation planters to extend the production of your growing plot and put your hands to the work of making what you need?

Join studio arts professor, sculptor, and consummate reuser Rod Northcutt on May 20­–25 in his national Woodworking Unplugged Tour at Yestermorrow Design/Build School for a course in designing and making your own garden and food-production implements. Using wood and found materials and employing traditional techniques, Rod’s class will link makers with food culture, facilitating a perspective that is dear to both groups—creating from scratch to truly understand that which is made.

Potential projects include gardening implements (rakes, dibbers, and hayforks), armatures (trellises and produce cages), and auxiliary systems (worm bins, tumbling composters, hygrometers, water harvesting systems, and sub-irrigation planters). Techniques may include mortise/tenon joints, turning, peg making/peg joining, lashing, green bending, and steam bending. Growers, makers, woodworkers, and re-skillers are all welcome.

Rod Northcutt MFA mixes the languages of biology, woodworking, and social theory to create sculptures, drawings, and site-specific installations that explore social analogs between humans and the natural world. He has a particular fondness for old tools. He designs furniture and structures under the name of onesixtyfourth design and works collaboratively with green/sustainable design collectives including Material Exchange, Ethical Metalsmiths, and Experimental Station, among others.

Register here for this rare opportunity to learn hands-on skills for structuring up your garden or farm. For more information visit www.yestermorrow.org or call Yestermorrow Design/Build School at 802.496.5545.

VSAC grant funding available for eligible Vermont residents applying by April 30th.