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Rutland Area Farm and Food Link (RAFFL) promotes local food knowledge, production and market opportunities for farmers and community members throughout our region.

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Video and Recap: Crop Planning and Succession Workshop (9/8/10)


We had a great turnout at this workshop, where Kenneth Mulder, GMC Farm Manager, worked through the steps of planning for each crop a farm will grow.  Here's lecture notes, the handout, the excel sheet to use for your own crop plan and video of the workshop.  The video is split into two parts (because of size, it's an arbitrary break), so make sure you check out both Part I and Part II.  I would suggest printing out these Lecture Notes, which outline Kenneth's talk, before you watch the video...might make it easier to follow along (lots of notes went up on the white board, which are illegible in the video). And....print out these Handouts that Kenneth provided.  They are referred to during the lecture.

Also, an important part of the workshop that was not captured on video was a "walk through" of this excel file Kenneth uses to aid in crop planning.  This is a really useful way to plan out seeding, transplanting and harvest periods for your crops.  I would go so far as to suggest that every farm should be using this to some extent to help keep things running smoothly.

Kenneth has been so kind as to simplify the excel file by 1) decreasing it to two example crops and 2) annotating descriptions of all the columns and where Excel does calculations.

PART I [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/15189284]

PART II [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/15123329]